Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buy Allimax Products for MRSA Infections

If you are at the end of your ropes and have lost hope, I suggest you try Allimax products for whatever infection is causing you grief. All the items are affordable, and best of all they work!

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My MRSA Story

I am excited to be able to share my story and provide you with information about Allimax products, as well as, to be able to market them to others that need help!

In November of 1999 my 16 year old daughter was in a devastating auto accident. The beginning of a seven year traumatic experience for my family. I will spare you all the details of her injuries, there were many! I will add that she faced many re-constructive surgeries to make her whole, as could be. It was at the time of the first re-constructive surgery that we found out she had acquired a serious infection in her nasal cavities, and the surgeon said, he was not able to do all the work he had planned on. The infection would have to be cleared up... This began the never-ending saga of clearing infections prior to surgeries. It wasn't until we had moved on to a new surgeon who could also address other specialty issues that a name was given to the on-going infections. It was MRSA, and it was indeed a problem! All the antibiotic treatments offered to date, really didn't clear it up. They just masked it long enough to accomplish another surgery. Then came the $40K intravenous vancomycin treatments. My daughter had a pick line installed so we could administer, twice a day IV treatments for eight weeks. The infectious disease physician gave her a clean bill of health! YES, we thought! The next surgery was scheduled a few months later around her school schedule, and then had to be cancelled. She was again infected! She started with round two of the IV treatments, and another $40K. It was at this time I started an exhaustive search for a cure! I first found a clinical study done in China. They used a product called allicin and had positive results killing MRSA, but not in people. I followed that study to find out who supplied the product. It was Allicin International in the UK. That led to a few other studies, that also had good results, and this time on people. I contacted Allicin International to see if I could purchase the product. They referred me to a US affiliate, and I made my first purchase. My daughter had concluded her second round of vancomycin treatments and had her surgery. Her subsequent follow-up visit had indicated that she still had the infection lingering. At this time she started taking Allimax capsules and the liquid spray 3 times daily. We kept this up for three months until the next Doctor Visit. The doctor asked what she had been doing; he couldn't believe how clean she looked and she was infection free!

Throughout the tenure of the above story, I had been bitten by a Black Widow spider! The bite went untreated until it had abscessed and required surgery. That was that, so I thought! A few months had passed and I again abscessed and required another surgery. This cycle went on once again! After the third surgery to remove infection I was pissed, and would be damned before I would go through it again... They kept removing tissue! Fortunately, now when I became infected, the tissue was weak and the infection could easily drain without having to be cut out. Due to the location of the problem, it is prone to bacteria. I wound up on full time antibiotics and that was OK until they stopped being effective, or until the side effects became worse than the infection... I didn't have MRSA, but I did have an on-going bacterial infection. I purchased some of the double strength Allimax cream and started applying it to the infected area. WOW, this worked better than any of the antibiotic's I had used, and had no side effects! So to date, when an infections starts, I start applying the Allimax cream and within days it clears up!

So I am now a believer! - I am a twenty eight veteran of employment for Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies, these folks don't believe in this sort of stuff. Something as simple as allicin from garlic! It is natures antibiotic and it works! Alimax is now the first line of defence for any infection in my family!

I hope from sharing my experience with you, that I might save you some of the never ending battle and frustration of fighting MRSA. I highly recommend Allimax products to anyone who will listen!

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